Punts passing King's and Queens' college

Join us for a punt tour of the famous Cambridge colleges

Sit back, relax, take in the historic surroundings and enjoy the anecdotes from professional chauffeurs as you cover the ¾ mile stretch of the River Cam from Jesus Green to Silver Street (and back again).

We have a range of pricing options for our shared punt tours, with special prices for children and students – making it a great activity for the whole family. If riding in a group sounds too busy for you, we also have the option of booking a private river tour.

***Please note that due to current social distancing advice and Coronavirus restrictions, punt tours will be running at a limited capacity, starting from Saturday 4th July***

Tickets are now available for purchase and will be valid from the date when tours are running again. Please see notes regarding minimum group prices during the week and at weekends.***

Punting Cambridge Ticket Prices

Shared Punt Tour Ticket Prices
Weekday Offers
Buy Now Price
Punt Station Price
Adults£12 per Person
£14 per Person
Students/Seniors£10 per Person
£12 per Person
Children (4-13)£6 per Person
£8 per Person
Infants (1-3)£1 per Person
£1 per Person



Here’s the Deal:

  • Approx 45 minutes to 1 hour boat trip along the river Cam in a traditional wooden punt (with added precautions for Covid-19)
  • 8 famous Cambridge University colleges (along the part of the river known as ‘The Backs’), including Magdalene, St John’s, Trinity, King’s and Queens’ colleges
  • 9 famous (and some not so famous) bridges along the route, such as the Bridge of Sighs and the Mathematical (wooden) bridge
  • An excellent punt chauffeur to do all of the hard work (the punting) and tell you about the history, student life, architecture and funny anecdotes as you float along the river. They are excellent, just look at the reviews

Clare college Cambridge in the sunshine

More Info

  • The punts seat a maximum of 12 passengers
  • The punts are divided up into sections and you will have a section to yourselves, to ensure social distancing.
  • The sections seat groups of either 4 or 8
  • Punt tours leave at regular intervals throughout the day, although the times are not predetermined beforehand as tours don’t run if there’s no one to go on them (the chauffeurs love punting but not that much)
  • Blankets if it’s cold, umbrellas if it’s raining
  • You are welcome to bring food and drink with you (bear in mind that you might need to share your sandwiches with the resident waterfowl!)
  • You’re welcome to bring pets as long as they are well behaved and don’t try to eat the other passengers
  • Your etickets are valid for up to 6 months from the date of purchase, they can be used any day that tours are running, on any shared tour that there are spaces available on. These tickets are non-refundable
  • You book on to your tour at the punt station upon arrival and presentation of your ticket.

Payment Security

Your financial information is never shared with us. Once your payment is complete you will be emailed a receipt for the transaction and your ticket.

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