Taking your Cambridge River Tour

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View of the La Mimosa punt station from the River Cam

Embarking on your Cambridge River Tour

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Our tours leave from the punt station adjacent to the “La Mimosa” Italian restaurant. It’s easily accessible from Quayside or Jesus Green. It’s a lovely quiet spot, making it much easier to board your punt.

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La Mimosa Punt Station
Thompson’s Lane


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The simplest way to get there is to travel to Magdalene Bridge at Quayside and follow the riverside walkway all the way to the end.

Take a stroll along the walkway until you see La Mimosa and look out for one of our friendly members of staff. During the peak season, we also have a sales office for the punt station at Quayside.

The closest car park is a few minutes walk away at Park Street (CB5 8AS) and you can click here for a status update as to how full they currently are.

There are regular buses from the railway station and the nearest bus stop is Bridge Street.

Virtual punt tour

We know how great punting along the River Cam is because, well, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by the beauty of Cambridge on a daily basis.

However, if you haven’t yet paid a visit to this fantastic and historic city, then you could (almost) be forgiven for wondering what all the fuss is about. With that in mind, we have created this virtual punt tour video, that in a minute and a half, gives you a bit more of an idea of what our 45 minute punt tours are all about.

There’s no sound, so you can watch it on the sly at work when no one’s looking and you we don’t need to give you any spoiler alerts as far as ruining any of the stories that you will hear on a tour. Enjoy:

For more images like these, have a look at our gallery, check out our Instagram account, or better yet come and join us on a punt tour!