We love it when people leave us Trip Advisor reviews. All of them. Even the ones that aren’t wholly accurate. We know that good Trip Advisor reviews can have a massive impact on buying decisions, and we’re really proud of our Certificate of Excellence. If you’ve not yet left us a review, please do – it’ll make us smile. A lot.

It wasn’t easy putting together our list of our favourites from 2017, but we got there eventually. Here’s our standout five Trip Advisor reviews:


1. The one who loves the same things that we do:

Just to clarify – it’s called ‘Punting’ but we’re not going to let a typo get in the way of sharing a great review. These are exactly the reasons we love punting too – if you want a day conflating the twin pursuits of bringing history to life with watching people fall off boats, our boat tours are made for you.

Trip Advisor Review 1

2. The one that turned out to be from a different city altogether:

This one started so strong. Matt’s great! He’s really friendly! And funny, he’s funny too. And so good at his job. Not only that but the other people on the trip enjoyed it too. This is marvellous stuff. We were all set to give Matt a rise until we looked at the pics provided by the reviewer and realised that they’d been to Canterbury, not Cambridge, and we definitely don’t work in Canterbury. It’s gorgeous though – maybe we should set up there?

Trip Advisor Review 2


3. The one who doesn’t know about the ‘other place’:

Most of this review is spot on. Punting on the Cam is indeed traditional. Our tours are fantastic, and our guides are incredibly knowledgeable. We just can’t hand-on-heart verify  the ‘unique’ aspect. I mean, if you wanted to press us on it, the fact that we stand on the right end of the punt makes us pretty unique…

Trip Advisor Review 3

4. The one who appreciates great customer service:

We try to make our online booking system as easy as possible to use, and we’re always happy to listen to feedback about how it could be clearer – especially if it means that Tim doesn’t have to log in at 5am on a Sunday morning…

Trip Advisor Review 4

5. The one who exclusively revealed the full breadth of our skills:

If you follow us on Twitter you’ll already know that we’re famed for our weather tweets. We can now exclusively reveal that we have a hotline to the weather-makers…

Trip Advisor Review 5