Our 2016 review - Cambridge River Tours

Our 2016 review

Our 2016 review

2016 Trip Advisor certificate of excellenceWow, what a year 2016 was.

In years to come, with the benefit of hindsight and water under the bridge (pun absolutely intended), I’m sure that we’ll all look back on 2016 and laugh. Or cry. Or both…

But for the time being, let’s just look back on the year’s highs and lows. Not necessarily in chronological order, not necessarily all to do with punting, and not all of them necessarily directly related to us. Think of this as a shorter, less funny, more Cambridgey version of Charlie Brooker’s annual review…

As for what 2017 has in store, your guess is possibly as good as ours. Let’s make lists and compare notes in a year’s time. Until then, Happy New Year from all of us at Cambridge River Tours!

Happy New Year from Cambridge River Tours

Happy New Year from Cambridge River Tours


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