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Cambridge during lockdown

Cambridge, along with the rest of the UK, has been under government ordered lockdown since 23rd March 2020, in an attempt to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Quayside would normally be a hive of activity at this time of the year. Now there is not a single person or punt to be seen. This thriving city, with a population of approximately 124,000 people usually attracts, over 5 million visitors every year. However the normally busy streets have been deserted ever since the start of lockdown, at the end of March, as shown by these captivating images. A deserted Bridge street, the approach to Quayside If you've ever visited Cambridge then you will know that it's never this quiet. As well as the local residents and visitors, the city also has two universities, with approximately 30,000 students between them. The city feels like a ghost town (did you know that the Specials wrote their song Ghost Town about Cambridge?). Under normal circumstances, there are times when Cambridge feels quiet. This is usually when the Cambridge students have finished term and local students, who study elsewhere but live in the city, have yet to return during the holidays. But this is different. No students but somehow there's always a traffic cone... Normally at this time of year, many of the Cambridge colleges would be closed to visitors anyway, because it's exam term. However, now they are all closed, along with all of the other attractions and businesses. Still no punting for us. Many of the live events and festivals that would normally take place in the city, have sadly been cancelled this year. King's parade, taken just outside of [...]

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There is no Punting – Coronavirus statement

Unless you've been living under a rock, or in a cave somewhere with no access to the internet or media, you are probably aware that pretty much the entire world has gone into lock down (or is about to). In the interests of public safety, and in line with government advice, punting is not currently available. Let's face it, even if it was, would you really want to spend 45 minutes sat next to someone in a punt, where if they start to cough, your only escape would be to jump in the river? No... we didn't think so - and neither do we. You can still buy our etickets to use either as gift vouchers for friends/family or for yourselves once normal service is resumed. The normal 6 month validity on these will be from when tours start up again, rather than the date of purchase. As a small, independent business, we appreciate any support during this horrible time. Obviously we don't know what the coming weeks, or even months will bring, but rest assured that all tickets/vouchers will be honoured. We'll be in touch about rescheduling any bookings once we've got a clear picture on when we'll be re-opening. Stay safe and well everyone. See you on the other side. Punts at rest. Which they will be for a while Under normal circumstances, we would be actively encouraging people to visit Cambridge at this time of year but these aren't normal circumstances. Please respect the government advice on social distancing and self-isolation. The most important thing that all of us can do at the moment is to follow this advice and help to ensure that we get through this together, sooner [...]

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