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E-luminate 2018

Yes, it's back. Cambridge's E-luminate Love Light festival returns to light up the city for its 6th year. We went along to check out the installations on the opening evening - Friday night. The festival runs until Weds 14th Feb, which handily coincides with half term if you've got kids (and even if you don't) and ends on Valentines day, so might make for a nice romantic wander either before or after you go for dinner. The Guildhall lit up shortly after the official switch on of the lights on Friday The opening ceremony was held at the Cambridge Guildhall, which is also one of the displays again this year. The mayor of Cambridge was there to officially give his blessing to the festival, before pressing the big red button (not sure if there actually was a button?). There was a modest crowd gathered to see the opening ceremony (to be fair, it was really cold on Friday and if memory serves last year was very cold too) and a cheer went up when the lights were switched on, cycling through each of the seven colours in turn until eventually showing each at once. The Guildhall and market square The theme this year is the rainbow flag, as the festival also coincides with LGBTQ History month. There was a parade of lit up bicycles who did a few laps around the market square before heading off into town. I'm not sure if they were heading off around the streets to try to drum up more interest, or just heading home at that point. There are seven installations this year, dotted around the city centre. Easily the biggest and most eye catching [...]

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19 Reasons to Visit Cambridge this Year

It's February and it's cold outside. January is finally over after feeling like it might have been twice as long as a standard month. We've made it through Blue Monday but you're still filled with that post Christmas, pre-spring feeling where it seems like you might be trapped in a Narnia-esque eternal winter where the sun never shines again and nothing good will ever happen again... Well, stop that now. Here are a load of good reasons why you should visit Cambridge this year, starting now. 1. e-Luminate Festival 2018 Happening again, really soon is the e-Luminate Cambridge festival. If you're not sure what that is, check out our blog post from 2016's festival and you can now read our blog post on the 2018 Love light festival. This year it's on during February half term; find out more details from e-Luminate's website at https://www.cambridgelivetrust.co.uk/e-luminate Senate House lit up as part of the 2017 E-luminate festival 2. Punting. Obvs Yeah, okay, so we'll hold our hands up to being a tiny bit biased on this one, but trust us, going for a boat ride along the river Cam is actually really amazing whatever time of year it is. Plus, in the winter it's much quieter, there are no pesky leaves on the trees to obscure the view and the light is great for taking photos. So just wrap up warm, bring a Thermos and some thermals and you'll be sorted. For more information on going punting with us visit this page. 3. Cambridge is beautiful Again, you might accuse us of being a bit biased here, but trust us, we've done our research and visited 'the other place' and it's not a patch [...]

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