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19 Reasons to Visit Cambridge in 2017

It's January, it's cold outside, you're filled with that post Christmas, pre-spring feeling where it seems like you might be trapped in a Narnia-esque eternal winter where the sun never shines again and nothing good will ever happen again... Well, stop that now. Here are a load of good reasons why you should visit Cambridge this year, starting now. 1. e-Luminate Festival 2017 Happening again, really soon is the e-Luminate Cambridge festival. If you're not sure what that is, check out our blog post from last year's festival. This year it's on during February half term; find out more details from e-Luminate's website at https://www.cambridgelivetrust.co.uk/e-luminate 2. Punting. Obvs Yeah, okay, so we'll hold our hands up to being a tiny bit biased on this one, but trust us, going for a boat ride along the river Cam is actually amazing whatever time of year it is. Plus, in the winter it's much quieter, so just wrap up warm, bring a Thermos and some thermals and you'll be sorted. For more information on going punting with us visit this page. 3. Cambridge is beautiful Again, you might accuse us of being a bit biased here, but trust us, we've done our research and visited 'the other place' and it's not a patch on Cambridge. Still don't believe us? Have a look at our gallery, or check out this video evidence for further proof: 4. The falling £ Let's face it, the last few months haven't been great for the value of the £ compared to other currencies. If you're from the UK, then the cost of going abroad has gone up and if you're from outside of the UK then the cost of visiting the UK [...]

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